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Nyah Grace: “Sunday”

By: Eric Reyes
April 01, 2020

Music you can love to. A song for when you’ve woken before your significant other, marveling at the peaceful repose of their features, lucky to be so in love with so special a person. A voice that gets you in the mood not only for the hot and the heavy, but the warm and tender moments shared by two people. This is the soulful slow jam “Sunday” in a nutshell. 

Soul, R&B, Jazz artist Nyah Grace is a sensational performer whose unique voice will charm and enrapture you. We were immediately taken in by the song’s smooth groove. We swayed with eyes closed, forgetting where we were and thinking back to our own romances and relationships with fond, mirthful grins. Beautifully textured vocals, with subtle but unmissable range and ability, can’t be praised highly enough. Where many may rely on the cover of heavy instrumentals or electronic distortion and enhancement, Nyah Grace has the singing chops to stun and entrance all on her own. 

We’ll be honest and say we’re heartbroken that this Oregonian native resides in the bustle of London, wishing she was home and touring, sharing her talent and voice with us here in the States. But, life, love, and music are winding roads that lead away from comfort and familiarity, off into the wildlands of opportunity. We will definitely be following this promising performer for more stellar tracks, if “Sunday” is any indicator of what’s to come. Check out the official video below, and tell us what you think of it on social media: @gasmaskmagazine.

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