Nya: “Won’t Pick Up the Phone”

By: Fay Rose
July 16, 2021

Her inner demons come calling, but Nya “Won’t Pick Up the Phone” in her latest single.

“Won’t Pick Up the Phone” is a brilliant metaphor for the battle we fight within ourselves to overcome the emotional scars we hold on to. The lyrics really are a sensational confessional, speaking honestly and powerfully. Here’s a perfect example, and my favorite verse from the song – “Pain got my number. Wants to hold me tight. Heartbreak she haunts me on a lonely night. They must of called me a million times. Give me strength. They’re no friends of mine.”

This song reminds us that the struggle is real. Nya delivers this internal struggle with strength, sincerity and determination to overcome. In addition to powerful lyrics and vocals, “Won’t Pick Up the Phone” delivers haunting instrumentals that serve as a perfect backdrop to the battle being fought.

Everyone knows that feeling when night falls and heartache creeps in with relentless pursuit, followed by despair wanting to prevail. Now the next time pain calls, turn up the volume on this track instead of picking up that phone.