Nuanda & Lillian Frances: “FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL”

By: Sydney Cooper
June 17, 2018

Nuanda & Lillian Frances have class, sass, and a story to share with her new track! Keep reading to see what we thought of it!

A song about millenial microcosms and bad dates, β€œFor A Good Time, Call” is a fantastic engima soaked in disorienting dreamy synths and glittering tones. All of the bells and whistles of a great electronic song and woven throughout this track. With a rap-like delivery from a polished, feminine voice, Lillian Frances pulls out all of the vocal stops and provides the true glue for the track. We love that this track is complicated in structure but simple and relatable in story. We’re sorry that you’re having such a rough date, Lillian. We’ve all been there! But we’re sure having a good time listening to you! Purchase your copy on iTunes today.

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