By: Tiare Pito
July 30, 2023

Sometimes when you are down, you need something to pick you up. Something to snap you out of your funk, and remind you of the baddie that you are. With the release of her newest single, New York artist Noriella has done just that. “Revenge Mode” is a sleek pop R&B track that hits all the right notes. Even on your off days, this song will have you feeling like you’re in your ‘It Girl’ era.

The lyrics speak of being crossed, being wronged. However, instead of laying down and taking it, Noriella chooses a different path. She chooses revenge. A deliciously dark twist compared to the normal oversaturated sweetness we often get, “Revenge Mode” is fresh and appeals to our inner sadist. The small part within ourselves tired of being hurt over and over, and is ready to be set free.

Listeners are also treated to phonemenal vocals. Noriella’s voice is unique in its rich tones and sultry nature, and goes down like honey.Β  The accompanying beat and instrumentals simply serve to compliment Noriella’s voice and drive “Revenge Mode” to a whole new level.

Suffice to say, “Revenge Mode” has earned a spot on our favourite playlist, and we are sure it will yours too! Best keep an eye on Noriella, for she is sure making waves!

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