Norbert Lukacs: “Between You and Me”

By: James Brookes
September 13, 2019

We have the new release that JUST DROPPED from Norbert Lukacs, and you’re going to be loving it all weekend long, Gas Maskers. Listen to it below!

Smooth melodic vibes and a vocal tone of pure bliss is just what you’re going to need this weekend for the Friday the 13th full moon! Lucky for you, Norbert Lukacs has got you covered with intoxicating sounds to sooth your soul. Titled, “Between You and Me” we find ourselves lost in the soundscape of simplicity and perfection. The merriment is one that will have you adding this to your pure moods playlist for the rest of autumn. One of our favorite aspects? Lukacs’ vocal. It’s like butter. Don’t believe us? Listen to “Between You and Me” below NOW.

Are you loving “Between You and Me” as much as we are? Drop us a line on social media today and tell us at: @gasmaskmagazine. Until then, have a great weekend, Gas Maskers!