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Noom: “MoonLight Drive”’

By: Michelle Vaccaro
January 11, 2023

Go for a ride with Noom’s new single “MoonLight Drive.”

The energetic track has an eclecticbeat. Noom’s South African roots resonate throughout.

The snappy sound keeps the song moving at an upbeat, happy pace. The feel-good track is great for keeping the mood up while going from one place to another. The song’s motivating sound and soothing vocals create an
ideal atmosphere for a nice walk, workout or road trip. The Johannesburg based DJ / Producer
explained, “MoonLight Drive” is inspired by the popular Amapiano sound, Afro House and Afro
Pop mixed together. With upbeat electronic instruments and smooth vocals, this song is the
perfect soundtrack for your next beach vacation.”

Noom joined forces with producer Cuebur on the track. The two have collaborated on other
songs including “Purple Neon” and “Beke – Extended.”

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