Noah Elliott: “Empty”

Honest and heartfelt, we’re excited to share Noah Elliott’s “Empty”!

The new single from the young artist is genuine and catchy. Detailing the pain of heartbreak and betrayal, Noah takes us through all the post-breakup emotions. He draws directly from his own experience of being cheated on and masterfully uses that experience to connect with the audience. The lyrics are raw and the performance is just as honest, giving fans insight into Noah’s world. Whether it’s his dreamy vocals, the catchy beat, or the sincere lyrics, this track could easily rise to the top!

Noah Elliot is a 23 year old singer-songwriter. The Oregon native is known for singles such as 2017’s “Nothing More Human” and 2018’s “Never Feels The Same”. His debut album Songs for the Optimist received critical acclaim and “Empty” shows us why!