Ninety’s Story: “BAD”

By: Tiare Pito
February 05, 2023

With a sound that breaks through the repetitive monotony of much modern music, talented duo Ninety’s Story “BAD” has us enthralled. The perfect vibe for late night car rides, we guarantee that it will earn a spot on your favourite playlist.

Speaking to the difficulty of maintaining relationships with those around you, “BAD” is a song full of remorse and desperation. A recounting of bad decisions and lamentations. “BAD” is very well written, and conveys intense emotion to listeners with ease, allowing the audience to connect not only to the song, but also to Ninety’s Story.Β 

Delivered to us on sultry, enticing vocals, Ninety’s Story continues to captivate listeners. The indie pop sound perfectly compliments the story behind “BAD”, with accompanying instrumentals layering and blending seamlessly together to create a chilled out, atmospheric listening experience.Β 

The level of personal connection with which Ninety’s Story is able to forge with listeners is very impressive, and speaks to their skill as artists. We can’t wait to see what will be next from this talented duo!

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