Nina Nesbitt: “Black & Blue”

By: James Brookes
September 14, 2019

The new single from Nina Nesbitt will have you on pins and needles—in ALL the right ways. Listen to “Black & Blue” below!

Nina Nesbitt has a way of capturing us right from the start. Her emotionally filled vocals strike us to the core, and the lyricism of dwelling and beating ourselves up are one that we all struggle with. It’s nice to hear that strength and beauty come from such a dark place; we can all learn a thing or two about channeling our own battles into a form of creativity from Nesbitt. But, wait! There’s more! Not only do we have a juicy new single to feed our ears, Nesbitt announced that “Black & Blue” will be part of a deluxe album she’s releasing on November 15th. Be sure to mark that date; we know the rest of her record is going to be just as grabbing as “Black & Blue!” Listen to the track below, Gas Maskers.

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