Nikita Afonso: “Good Morning, Sunshine”

By: Jared Free
July 22, 2019

Are you overloaded with wanderlust this summer? Then Nikita Alfonso’s “Good Morning, Sunshine” is just the song for you. Listen below, Gas Maskers!

The song opens up with a simple but emotional guitar and beat, perfectly capturing the song’s youthful energy. Nikita’s feather light voice glides over the instrumentation, full of the love and adoration the song conveys. The official video shows her and her boo traveling across the country — the perfect backdrop to the sugar sweet lyrics. Speaking of the lyrics, we can’t get enough of them—as they strike you to the core with adoration and beauty. If you’ve ever been so in love you can’t help but text your lover first thing in the morning, this is definitely the song for you.

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