NIIVA: “Welcome Back”

May 08, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

A rising star with no signs of slowing down, NIIVA charms with her latest release, β€˜Welcome Back.’

With a beat that engages you and is easy to move to, the song just wants you to dwell in it for a while. The hook here is so sweet and positive that it had me smiling. NIIVA’s vocals are easy and carefree, and while she flexes some of her range in this track, the real focus isn’t an impressive display of power. It’s welcoming someone lost in the trials of life back from a long absence. Warm and inviting, bright and cheerful. A sunny homecoming.

As we all emerge from our various isolations and reengage with the world, the track’s lyrics take on an extra message. A welcome back to normality, to the you that did all the things you wanted to do because you loved to do them. It’s a tough road back from some dark places, especially if the circumstances of lockdown put various plans on hold if not outright altered them. I feel like this song will be an anthem as the world picks up steam and reopens. An ode to being you.