Niicap: “All I Need”

By: Eric Reyes
May 20, 2020

An easy, moody listen. Niicap’s newest release “All I need” is the perfect track to put on and unwind. Like thin muslin caught in the breeze, catching and muting the warm sunlight. Like the glimmer of light across a still pool disturbed by a fallen leaf here and there. Like the steady sound of a rainstorm passing slowly over a tent roof. These sensations, these experiences, came to mind as I listened. 

On a technical level, the mix here is very entrancing. While sampling some vocal work, it is worked into a wholly new shape by the sleek producing skills of the artist. There are sections where a far off, muffled, echoing voice can barely be discerned, but instead of a ploy to draw out the vocalist and single out their performance, it is merely another audio element thrown in. It’s a very interesting effect, very diffuse. Be sure to stream it below, and tell us what you think of it on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine.

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