Nightshift x Marvenko: “One Time”

By: Eric Reyes
May 8, 2021

They say Ohio is for lovers, and that may be, because I’m in love with this Ohioan act and their garage electronic band all-grown-up style and look.

Nightshift made the charming β€˜lyric video’ that is a de-facto music video in my opinion, and it really captures the strange harmony of their professional mixing and production skills with their early 00’s prog/electronic mashup genre attitude and sound. This is the kind of song that would play immediately after Hellogoodbye’s breakout hit β€˜Here in your arms’ on MTV on Saturday mornings.

The layered electronic instrumentals and mix are outstanding. Transitioning effortlessly between the at times crystalline electronic top-hats, claps and crashes and playful guitar strums, that then transition into more evolutions of these same sounds. It’s all the more impressive when watching the video when every instrument and mixer used in the final product is right in front of us, matching every note and sound.

The vocal performance here is great. While it doesn’t burst at the seams with operatic scale or try to impress with bombastic volume, it melds perfectly with the entirety of the piece. Somewhere just above a whisper, and well below a shout, it is invigorating, it is inviting, it is getting ready to jump off a pier into a dazzling, dark ocean reflecting a starlit night on the fourth of July, and it is extending its hand out to you, asking you to join in.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a shot.

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