Nieri: “In Our Eyes”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
June 11, 2022

Nieri’s new song may be called “In Our Eyes” but it’s hard to get out of our ears. 

The catchy pop / dance track focuses on the idea of seizing the day and enjoying the time spent with loved ones.  Nieri’s haunting vocals leave a lasting impression, amplifying the message behind the lyrics.  The singer explained the song saying, “‘In Our Eyes’ is my personal reminder that conquering the struggles of ambition starts with living in the present moment and cherishing the people I love. Youth, money and fame are fleeting, but true love lasts forever. The song is dedicated to my partner.”

The Italian born musician lives in LA and uses his home in La La Land as part of the inspiration for the song.  The descriptive lyrics set the scene in the first verse with the lines “It’s always sunny in LA, but it’s cloudy in my mind” and “Everyone’s famous in LA, ‘til they´re not and then they cry.”  Nieri co-wrote the track with Joakim Buddee, Cecilia Mix, Jennifer Aalto. 

Fans of Nieri’s music have something to look forward to.  He plans on releasing his debut EP later this year.

Check out the lyric video for “In Our Eyes” too.

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