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Nick de la Hoyde: “About U”

By: Fay Rose
September 19, 2021

Australian singer-songwriter and rapper Nick de la Hoyde has a serious case of the feels in his sunny new love song, “About U.”

The electro-pop track restores hope that there are still some good men out there who are romantic and fall madly in love. The lyrics are sweet and charming with upbeat vocals that deliver the words like a modern day sonnet. If you’ve experienced the obsessive euphoria that’s felt when you find that new love, then you will totally get “About You.”

Having a multi-cultural upbringing (a Syrian mother and British father), Nick de la Hoyde spins those global influences with a mixture of genres including hip hop, rock, R&B, pop and alternative into his music to create his own unique sound. Nick also collaborates on song projects with his producer brothers, Joseph and Timothy.

It will be fun to see what future tunes emerge, for now, “About You” is ready to stream.

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