NEW RELEASE by Witterquick: “Shattered Suns”

By: Asher Garcia
October 22, 2017

Witterquick is in the house, and we KNOW you’re going to love this one.

Mixed and produced by Romesh Dodangoda, this group lifts the roof with the rock solid β€œShattered Suns”. Make me feel alive, they sing. They sure make US feel alive. The guitarist inspires others to pick up a six string and play along, as this tune is ink in the pen, giving purpose to our interiors.

Haven’t seen the video yet? Check it out below, as the stylish team jams their hearts out while color plates of red and moody blue provide an mesmerizing aesthetic. From Exeter, these British lads echo their brilliance internationally and across seven seas. Ride the wave. This track is just the beginning, folks!

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