Nekokat: “I Believe In What You Are”

By: Sydney Cooper
June 5, 2018

NEKOKAT believes in you, and we do too! Keep reading to learn about their latest release.

Over here at Gas Mask, we are big fans of The Ready Set. So, of course we love NEKOKAT. NEKOKAT is the side project of Jordan Witzigrueter (better known as The Ready Set) composed of Witzigrueter, Cameron Walker and Jess Bowen of the Arizona band The Summer Set. β€œI Believe In What You Are” is their first release since 2017 and it has got us shook. This track is stadium ready and electrifying with energy and vibes. β€œI Believe In What You Are” features big sounds that are rich in texture. Its anthem style quality will inspire you to sing the lyrics loud and proud and have the most fun while doing it. We can’t put this one down! Stream this track on Spotify today.

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