NEAV: “Silence Song”

By: Fay Rose
August 07, 2021

“Silence Song” is an artistic anthem for all those who feel suppressed from self-expression and letting their true voice soar. This is the debut single from singer-songwriter NEAV.

There’s a dramatic tone to the lyrical delivery and melodic flow of instrumentals that makes “Silence Song” an intriguing listen. The song possesses a combination of darkness and enlightenment, shifting in mood and tempo to keep it exciting throughout. It’s a powerful representation to anyone who feels voiceless or silenced in any way. It also serves as another reminder on the importance of mental health.  

NEAV is the alter-ego of Australian songstress Niamh Watson. It’s hard to believe NEAV is still in high school after hearing such a powerful example of vocal strength and lyrical depth on “Silence Song.”

NEAV is currently working on a debut EP, so be on the lookout for that in the months ahead.

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