Natalie Shay: “New Wave”

By: Fay Rose
September 26, 2021

UK indie pop artist Natalie Shay is back with the bright and bubbly single, “New Wave.”

The effervescent new track focuses on the wave of enthusiastic emotions one feels with the arrival of new love.

From euphoria to the fear of it ending, the lyrics of “New Wave” touch on all the relatable aspects associated with entering into a new romance. The song is a lively combo of fresh and modern with a hint of ‘80s vibe. You can’t help but have a smile on your face as the uplifting melody filled with retro synth beats and pop notes just makes you feel good. It’s also Natalie Shay’s vibrantly youthful pop vocal delivery that adds to the overall feeling of new relationship excitement.

The multi-award winning singer-songwriter is already considered one of UK’s hottest emerging stars. With hundreds of thousands of streams and features in notable publications, Shay’s fanbase continues to expand across the globe.

UK residents will have a chance to see Natalie Shay live as she will be performing at the Camden Assembly on November 24th.

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