Natalie Duque: “Stay” (Live Session at Mad Muse Studios)

By: Yasmine Sahid
October 25, 2020

It’s not always easy to take loss and pain and transform it into a well written song. But Natalie Duque did exactly that with her passionate piece “Stay”.

Duque’s performance emitted raw emotion from the beginning to the very end. She communicated through her lyrics that common feeling of wishing a loved one can come back and stay. It truly will tug on the heart strings and make you remember the one you have lost. And although it’s a sad thought, the beauty of those memories still remain. Accompanied by only a piano, your focus is on Duque’s voice as she’s able to belt strong notes as well as sing seamless runs and high falsettos. With a song as memorable as this, Duque has the trained vocal capacity that makes the song unforgettable.

It takes a lot of strength to write something that can be so personal to many listeners. “Stay” shows the importance of savoring even the most mundane moments, because one day they may be cherished as the most important.

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