Nasmore x Cris Hodges: “Let’s Get Freaky”

By: Tiare Pito
December 6, 2021

Nasmore has teamed up with Cris Hodges to bring us their newest single, and we absolutely love it! If you are looking for a thrilling song to get the blood pumping, then ‘Let’s Get Freaky’ is the song for you!

‘Let’s Get Freaky’ speaks to just that- getting freaky. The lyrics are written in an evocative and energetic way that paint a vivid picture in one’s mind. Listeners are able to lose themselves in the song and connect instantly.

Delivered on raw, sensual vocals, ‘Let’s Get Freaky’ will have chills running down your spine. The atmospheric instrumentals compliment the vocals perfectly to create an exciting, untamed listening experience. This is a song that you will enjoy from start to finish.

We love what Nasmore and Cris Hodges have brought to the table with ‘Let’s Get Freaky’. With such a stirring piece, we cannot wait to see what will be next!

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