Nasa Lamode: “Hazed”

By: Eric Reyes
June 8, 2021

Nasa Lamode’s latest track, ‘Hazed’ is an absolute banger that will get you early and not let go.

The track doesn’t waste any time playing round with an overlong opening of just beats or the mix. Opening with a laid back, lo-fi style, a modulated voice building up the vibe, the beat drops hard into Nasa Lamode’s verse. Layered with his own voice effectively harmonized to punctuate and emphasize the opening bars, the flow is alive with the character of Nasa Lamode’s vocals and a deft lyricism that uses language to tell the story, say what needs to be said. It doesn’t waste time rhyming for the sake of rhyme, dead-end metaphors and similes that have to be capped off by a weak verse that does nothing but fill space.

Nasa Lamode works his verse well, it’s al direct phrasing, nothing really veering off into ‘take up space, kill time’ territory. At a brisk two and a half minutes, the track doesn’t really have much fat to it. It gets down to business early, doesn’t play around with letting the mix do much work beyond support the verse.

The music video is interesting to me, as a filmmaker in personal opinion only, because it clearly was filmed at an apartment, using some limited exteriors as well. This kind of ‘shot on the fly’ style worked very well, as whoever he had doing the camera work, lighting and staging did an effective job. There’s no mistaking the stringshoe shooting budget, but what they had was used for every ounce of style that could have been squeezed from it. I’d work with them, and I hope they get more work because I can only imagine what they can do with a real budget.

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