NaNa Muse: “Karma”

April 23, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

The bassline here really had me smiling. It added this hint of funk, entwined wonderfully with Australian up-and-comer NaNa Muse’s sure and soulful voice.

There’s a playfulness to it that really works for me. While many songs may trade on a kind of manufactured sass or β€˜tude’ for the sake of marketing, the character of this track is apparent from the very get-go.

While the track’s title, β€˜Karma’ may give someone an impression a sense of maybe revenge, a darker tone or subject, it’s deceptive. In reality, the song treats the described relationship more like an act of fate, an eventuality. The outcome of life that lead to this point, and thank God for all the choices that brought them here.

The backing here sets the tone early and keeps up the energy where NaNa Muse’s voice pulls back, letting the many aspects of the track have room to breathe and express themselves. The bassline, again, just gets me, and is its own vibe that will have you moving.