Muddy Ruckus: “Sirens”

By: Eric Reyes
October 5, 2020

“Sirens” by Muddy Ruckus is very aptly named. The title may bring to mind the whine and wail of storm warnings and emergency alerts, but I would suggest looking to literature to more fully understand this unique act.

Opening with a broken, lilting piano melody, a mournful voice intones a haunting tale of loss and emptiness. The lyrics do not become macabre, but the moroseness is unmistakable. Using the striking, heavy language of romanticism, the emotional impact of the words is not so much overwhelming as it is effective. Reminding me of a melodic Edar Allan Poe poem, the chorus of sorrowful, but beautiful, voices, lead you down into the emotional turmoil described. 

There is a definite beauty in the sadness of this song’s sound and lyrics. Like a good cry, like acceptance, it will leave you feeling at once drained and calm. Rare that a song can accomplish what classic literature sought to. Be sure to stream the track below, and tell us what you think on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine.

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