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Mr. Probz: “Space For Two”

By: Sydney Cooper
March 28, 2018

Is Mr. Probz making some space for two? Keep reading to find out more!

When you’ve been able to rack almost 1 billion (with a b) streams in your career, you are definitely doing something right. Mr. Probz achieved over 900,000 streams with his track, “Waves” and has come back to make even more with a moodier, subtle tune titled “Space For Two”.

“Space For Two” is an electro pop song in the vein of R&B. Featuring bright guitars and soft vocals, Mr. Probz has crafted an airy, lovely musical atmosphere that leaves listeners lingering onto every sound. The witty lyrics and killer vocal performance will have you hooked! What’s even better than that? The official music video. Check it out below!

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