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mp.oxford: “Hide Your Love”

By: Meech Justice
April 15, 2020

mp.oxford didn’t have to do us like this. “Hide Your Love” is probably the best assignment I’ve had since working here…don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself below!

What’s not to love about this new project from mp.oxford? The only thing we don’t love about his new jam is the length. Two minutes is not enough time to enjoy the artistry that he has created for us. Going past our expectations, mp.oxford gives us an amazing song ALONG with a visual AS WELL AS the lyrics! *MIND BLOWN* People only get this type of quality when they have a label backing them. We are so proud of the anthem that “Hide Your Love” is. It’s fun, cool, catchy and very reminiscent of the late Bob Marley himself. Is every little thing going to be alright for mp.oxford, check out his soon to be hit ‘Hide Your Love” to find out.

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