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Motenko: “Silhouette”

By: Eric Reyes
May 01, 2020

Austin, Texas natives Motenko hit it out of the park with their bluesy R&B/Soul single, “Sillouette.”

This song could have been playing on the jukebox in Seattle in the 80’s when my parents were dating. This song could have been playing on the radio as my aunt and uncle cruised down to Mexico for their honeymoon. This song could have crooned out of the weathered speakers on my grandfather’s porch as he drank a beer and watched us all grow up. This is a nostalgic sound. This is a sexy sound. This is the sound of long drives at night, of watery cocktails at the VFW, of the first nervous kiss between two sweethearts. The vocals here are so smooth, so classical, they sent chills up my spine. The seductive instrumentals are perfect to slow dance to, with the steady groove that lets you feel every sway, every half-step, every rock, every lean. As I sway side to side, snapping my finger to the tune of this tender track, all I can say is listen for yourself. Fall in love, be it with this band, or with someone special. Just make sure it’s to this song. Tell us what you think on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine.

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