Montclair: “Passing Through”

By: Tiare Pito
July 26, 2022

Few songs have the ability to capture one so fully, so completely that the listener feels it is speaking to their very soul. To something deep and sacred inside of them. With the release of their single “Passing Through,” Minnesota based band Montclair have created just that; a song that bypasses the need for meretricious distractions, and instead communicates with sincerity and openness.

“Passing Through” speaks to that anxious desire and compulsion one often feels to take on more than you can handle, to try and fill your schedule as much as possible. It is a reminder that life does not need to be lived this way. It is ok to slow down and simply enjoy the ride. 

As well as a profound message, “Passing Through” also offers an emotive and moving listening experience. We are graced with airy, vulnerable vocals and acoustic instrumentals. The melancholic tone and way in which these are executed fills one with nostalgia. The pure emotion that ‘Passing Through’ invokes makes it hard to stop listening once you start.

Brilliantly written, part of the beauty of “Passing Through” is it’s ability to touch something in each person that listens to it. We absolutely love this song, and are sure that you will too. With such a great piece, we eagerly await the next release from Montclair!

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