Monroe & Moralezz featuring Zach Sorgen: “How!?”

By: Tiare Pito
July 13, 2022

Monroe & Moralezz have teamed up with Zach Sorgen to bring us their new song ‘How!?’, and we cannot get enough of it! The stimulating vocals and addictive beats will have you on your feet and dancing in no time!

Telling the story of a man absolutely enamored with his love. Although delivered to us in a funky, EDM style, the sweet message of how much he considers his lady a blessing is incredibly touching and demonstrates the sincerity of the song. ‘How!?’ goes on to demonstrate just how much the lover is valued, and how he can’t believe that she chose him. This earnest nature found in the lyrics draw in all who take the time to listen carefully.

‘How!?’ is delivered to us on upbeat, smooth vocals that perfectly convey the fun of the song. Accompanied by electric beats and a pumping tune, it inspires fun and a desire to move along to the music. All audio aspects blend professionally to create a very positive, enjoyable listening experience.

All in all, Monroe & Moralezz have really impressed us with this gem featuring Zach Sorgen. We can’t wait to see what will be next!

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