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monmoi: “New Breed”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
July 21, 2020

During this quarantine, some of us have been picking up new skills while some of us have been taking this time to unwind. One London-based musician who goes by Monmoi decided to introduce the world to his dreamy lo-fi bedroom pop.

His latest release, “new breed” is full of bright and cheerful beats paired with the artist’s airy vocals. With chirping synths and wavy guitar riffs, this track embodies that sunny demeanor we’ve all been trying our best to maintain throughout this lockdown. Monmoi muses on childhood memories and societal norms on this breezy, wonder-filled number. The artist’s sound combines the dizzying, disco-inspired beats of Tame Impala with the laidback, chill energy of LA-based band Sure Sure. If you’re ever in need of an instant mood boost, “new breed” is your quickest route. 

Monmoi’s fresh new take on synthpop is the soundtrack of our summertime daydreams. We’re glad this lo-fi artist chose to share his musical talents––especially when we could all use a little pick-me-up. Monmoi is here to show us that the silver lining we’ve been looking for is within reach if we’re willing to let open our hearts and minds to the possibility. 

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