Monico Blonde: “When Girls Cry”

By: Sydney Cooper
May 22, 2018

How do you know it’s real if it doesn’t break your heart? Monico Blonde poses this and other questions in their new track β€œWhen Girls Cry”…

Indie-Alt Rockers Monico Blonde have released a new track that is swiftly collecting internet traffic and critical acclaim. β€œWhen Girls Cry” explores the painful realities of dying relationships through its poignant and soul poured lyrics. β€œStars don’t shine forever, but I hate to see them die and they die when girls cry” is a lyric in particular that has us shook. Deep, moody instrumentals carry these lyrics and soar them to new heights. We are obsessed with the work of these UK fellas and we can’t wait to hear more amazing music from them. Purchase your copy of “When Girls Cry” on iTunes today.

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