Moncrieff: “I Don’t Know Why”

By: James Brookes
January 02, 2020

Listen to the new heartfelt track from Moncrieff below, Gas Maskers!

Losing someone will change your perspective on life and how precious time is—how we only have moments—and one day those moments are only memories. After losing his brother, Moncrieff channeled his emotions into the track, “I Don’t Know Why.” We’ve always been a fan of Moncrieff, having covered a few of his tracks, but “I Don’t Know Why” shows a different side of the artist. We hear a more delicate nature and acoustic sound in the production. Although quite lovely, we’re haunted by the melancholy and raw feelings that, we as humans, come to experience with loss. Listen to “I Don’t Know Why” below, Gas Maskers!

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