Mogul ft. BVRGER: “Good Company”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
July 15, 2020

German producer Mogul has teamed up with British Italian singer BVRGER on a silky-smooth funk track called “Good Company.” 

Mogul began producing and remixing songs back in the mid-2000s. The artist bounced from a French record company to a German label where he released his debut EP “Free Limitation” in 2015. Mogul tried on a new producing alias in early 2017 and found success in Germany and the UK, but in 2019 the producer decided to return to his roots to continue honing in his sound. BVRGER was raised in Rome by a soul-singer and a guitarist, so music has always run through his veins. The artist made his breakthrough in 2016 and since then he’s been tapped to write and produce songs around the world.

Mogul and BVRGER’s debut collaboration is just as amazing as you would expect it to be considering both artists have established global reputations. “Good Company” has a groovy, bumping beat complete with 70’s disco cow bells, funky keys, and saxophone. BVRGER’s deep, electronic baritone flows perfectly above the upbeat melody. The singer’s sweet trills shine through the lush sonic landscape Mogul has created and will certainly make you swoon. Queue up “Good Company” and get ready to sway under the light of a dazzling disco ball.

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