MNDFL x Xarissa: “Never Coming Home”

By: Fay Rose
September 13, 2021

“Never Coming Home” is an exciting collab between friends and fellow musicians, singer-songwriter Anna ‘Xarissa’ James and singer-producer MNDFL, aka Jody Tompkins. The new electro-pop-punk track puts a fresh and interesting spin on the common song topic of breakups.

“Never Coming Home” is a duet sung from the couple’s individual perspective, as represented by the artists who take turns on verses. The vocals draw inspiration from the resurrecting trend of pop-punk on the uprise in today’s music. The popping EDM beat is way more cheerful than you might expect for a breakup song. Unless of course they are happy about the split, which in this case, by the end of the song, it appears that might be the case.

Another cool element to note, if you listen closely, is that on the final verse there are additional voices that seem to come out of nowhere. Turns out the artists were joined by a “very happy and drunk” group of their friends and family who confirm in the finale with the last words, “They’re never coming home.”

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