Mitch King: “Feel Worthy”

By: Eric Reyes
October 5, 2020

Indie Folk Rock is all about the story, storyteller and the telling of the story. Wielded by a talented musician, even sparse words will carry with them deeper resonance. Mitch King manages this flawlessly in his newest release, “Feel Worthy.”

There is a volatility to King’s vocals, flitting between a barely controlled roar and the more melodic rumble and waver of his lower registered. The instrumentals match his intensity and energy, a slow boil to the heavier strut of his more declarative chorus. The affirmations here are less encouragement than it is a flat-out command. “Feel Worthy” asks us to know, and love, ourselves. It asks if we feel happy, if we feel worthy, and casts aside our usual measures of success and worth. The solution is said plainly. “Feel Worthy.”

This addictive self-affirmation anthem doesn’t tell us to ignore the world around us, or to accept our flaws without addressing them. It tells us to feel worthy, as encouragement to be worthy. The knowledge of your worth, to yourself first and foremost, will drive you forward. 

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