Mind Connexion:  “Sunlight”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
December 12, 2021

Mind Connexion is trying to look on the bright side with their new single “Sunlight.” 

The thought-provoking track compares personal feelings to what others are doing.  The honest vocals enhance the introspective lyrics.  The duo’s ear-pleasing harmonies and soothing vocals provide a calming effect while the upbeat music adds energy to the song.  Mind Connexion also has a more stripped down, mellow version of the track without the beat which they dubbed the “Light Version.”

The Belgium based band is made up of musicians and producers Silvano Macaluso and Karim Baggili.  They are responsible for both the arrangement and production of “Sunlight.”  The video for the song features close-ups and quick cuts of feet dancing and music making.  Check out the video for “Sunlight” which shows the guys in their creative element.

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