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MILKK: “I Hate This Song”

By: James Brookes
August 3, 2018

One of our favorite indie pop bands, MILKK, is back with a new hit! Check it out below, Gas Maskers.

If there’s one thing we LOVE over the Gas Mask headquarters, it’s an indie band and pop music. When combined—and executed well—we rave. We scream. We shout. That being said, it’s always a pleasure to hear one of our favorite bands: MILKK. Having covered them before, we knew this would be a follow-up smash, and it is. Their new track, “I Hate This Song” brings you the smooth, laid back, but vibrant melodic hooks we’ve all come to love. What’s even better, you ask? How about the DOPE breakdown that changes the entire soundscape. Check it out below, or hear it on our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist. Don’t forget to give these guys a follow on Twitter; you’re going to want to keep track of ’em.

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