Miles Arnell: “First Lady”

By: Eric Reyes
May 23, 2021

Miles Arnell knows how to treat a lady. In this spry and bright track, Miles Arnell lays out the stately, globe-trotting, finery-draped treatment awaiting his β€˜First Lady.’

The vocals here are smooth. Answered in the second half by Alexandra Amor holding him to the sky-high promises, the performances are bright and true, sweet to the ear. Miles Arnell has some pipes on him, and while he’s having fun following the groove, you can hear him belt them out throughout. With yelps and shouts and hoots that feel like they’re bursting with the wild abandon of love, he isn’t afraid to show what he can do.

The beat is infectious here, and of course it has one of the funkiest basslines I’ve heard in a while holding it all together, just rumbling under the surface, breaking through to get everyone in line. It is so upbeat and glittery, like a golden fountain spewing champaign on a silver yacht at sunrise in the Bahamas, every inch of the track catching sunlight and shining loud and bright.

This is a fun track, and it’s cute and over the top and I really think it’ll be a hit with couples old and new. It has that foregone conclusion of special treatment, and deserving that treatment, that is good to get out into the world. If you’ve been slacking on the royal treatment for your special someone, guy, gal, whomever, slap this track on and get them something nice.

If you don’t I will.

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