Mighty Magnolias: “Restless”

By: Honey Mills
September 24, 2019

We are absolutely restless for the new single from Mighty Magnolias. Listen and read below to see what we think of their rocking new single!

Mighty Magnolias, a group of powerhouse musicians have recently released one of our favorite tracks this year! We love a good folk track. (Don’t tell us you don’t; we know there’s at least one) and this is definitely one for your playlist! Despite “Restless” being its name, this tune will put your ears with ease! “Restless” almost sounds like what might have happened if Fleetwood Mac released a folk track. Mighty Magnolias have undoubtedly dug down into retro inspired roots and freshened them up in a way that is classic and modern. Packed with a driving tambourine, airy harmonies and acoustic tones, “Restless” is sure to paint all of your musical dreams in bright, beautiful colors. 

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