Miesa: “Worried”

By: Yasmine Sahid
October 23, 2020

Romantic vocals, a sultry beat, and tender lyrics, Miesa created a hit. It has all the components for a great R&B song that anyone would want to listen to.

Miesa’s smooth voice pairs so well with the easy beat of her song “Worried.” The vocal runs are seamless and light with effortless control when switching to lower notes. The song is bold and beautiful as if it’s paying homage to the R&B legends such as Mary J Blige and Brandy. As the beat and snares keeps the song true to its roots, Miesa guides listeners through her story of showing too much love to someone who can’t return it.

I can easily see this song on numerous top R&B playlists. She has what it takes to be grouped with the big female artists in the game and so stay on your toes for her next breakout single.

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