Michael Malcolm x Black Gatsby: “Save Me”

By: Tiare Pito
November 12, 2021

Michael Malcolm has teamed up with Black Gatsby to bring us their new song ‘Save Me’, and we are obsessed! The pumping beat and raw vocals will have you hooked in no time.

‘Save Me’ speaks to the struggle of feeling alone, and not knowing who is there for you. An integral part of the human experience, the universality of this message draws listeners in. Finding solidarity in the wild uncertainty of ‘Save Me’, listeners are able to connect on more than just a surface level with this song. 

Open, unpretentious vocals deliver ‘Save Me’ in an honest manner, stirring thrilling feelings within listeners. Coupled with a fast-paced EDM beat and striking instrumentals, all aspects of ‘Save Me’ work together seamlessly to create a very powerful, high energy listening experience.

‘Save Me’ gets the blood pumping, and we love it! We are excited to see what will be next from Michael Malcolm and Black Gatsby!

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