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Michael Calfan x HARBER x NISHA: “Feelings After Dark”

June 15, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

I have nothing against DJโ€™s but Iโ€™ve always found them difficult to review. While Iโ€™ve grown more used to the art of DJโ€ฆing, often I find a lack of originality in much of the material on the market. Luckily, โ€˜Feelings After Darkโ€™ by Michael Calfan and collaborating artists HARBER and NISHA landed on my desk and made my opinion irrelevant.

Michael Calfanโ€™s bio states he wants his music to be fun and fresh, and โ€˜Feelings After Darkโ€™ is definitely both of these things.

The beat will sweep you up early and get you moving. I donโ€™t dance and it had me dancing. I meanโ€ฆ if you knew me youโ€™d know how significant that is. The production really shows of its polish and practice through the beat. It has a good level of complexity without going off the rails and losing itself trying to outperform the vocals. It is its own, central entity, one that could work flawlessly without the vocalist but crates a seamless whole when paired together.

Usually in DJ-centric tracks, the vocals are something that are an afterthought, as theyโ€™re often a sampling meant to just pepper in some extra flavor. And while the vocals here have their own level of mixing and sampling, they are still a strong performance that definitely have their own character and charge of energy that enhance and elevate the song. Especially the opening sampled vocals, like someone trapped within the song itself. Chilling