Mia Mormino: “Stick-Up”

By: Fay Rose
September 11, 2021

This year, multi-talented artist Mia Mormino’s impressive goal is to release seven singles, all part of a collection entitled, The Seven Deadly Singles. Each song will focus on a different deadly sin. Her latest song, “Stick-Up,” is number five in the seven deadly sins collection, with the spotlight here being on greed.

“Stick-Up” is a completely original, modernized jazz-infused pop tune that sounds like it’s straight out of a heist movie soundtrack. The dramatic melody is the perfect backdrop for the fast-paced flow of complex lyrics. This number allows Mia to really showcase her impressively melodious vocals with a sultry undercurrent.

With two more deadly sin songs yet to go this year, I’m excited to see what’s next up for Mia Mormino on her exciting musical journey. The whole ensemble of “Stick-Up” is a very unique and interesting musical experience. You must have a listen for yourself.

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