Mercury McKnight: “BioHazard”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
July 27, 2020

Caution: heartrending music ahead! Texas-native alt-pop artist Mercury McKnight has us digging deep in the vortex of our deepest, darkest emotions on his latest track, “Biohazard.”

The multihyphenate artist grew up singing gospel music and listening to early Beyoncé which lead to him discovering his passion for R&B and songwriting. In 2011, McKnight moved to Austin and started homeschooling so the artist could focus on his singing and dancing. In 2018, the artist met David Ventura Garcia who helped McKnight bring his debut EP to life. With this release, McKnight introduces us to his distinctive sound which is a culmination of a wide variety of musical influences from pop to R&B to funk to hip hop. 

On “Biohazard,” McKnight layers sonic elements and melodies drawn from each of these genres to create a richly layered, expressive music unlike anything we’ve heard before. Switching between a high octave, yet gravely robotic vocals and his smoky lower register, McKnight uses this track as an opportunity to show off the versatility of his voice. Atmospheric, sci-fi synths ebb and flow at the base of the tune’s melody as delicate piano riffs dance on top. The artist’s moving lyrics show McKnight spiraling as he explores heartbreak at the molecular level. “Liquid metal cytoplasm/You done broke my heart/And that’s a biohazard,” the artist feels his blood run cold as he bears the weight of his own heavy heart. McKnight has given us a glimpse into the future of heartbreak ballads, and all we can say is we’re itching to hear more. 

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