Meghan Pulles: “New Horizon”

By: Hennessy Echemendia
March 25, 2021

“New Horizon” will have you immersed in a whole vivid folk tale scene. It will take you to a place you might have never traveled to before.

This new single by Meghan Pulles is full of warm and comforting frequencies. A Gorgeous Queen from New York using social platforms to market and share her truth through music. Play this song when you need some motivation and a reminder that there is always another horizon to look at and follow. Meghan currently has no upcoming tour dates because of the pandemic, but she is awaiting the moment she can play and serenade human beings again with her melancholy yet motivational vibes.

“New Horizon” is a folk song with beautiful percussion, gorgeous piano and stellar guitar. The mixing is done spectacularly, bringing out all of Meghans warm tonalities to make it feel nothing less than comforting. You can visit Meghans website for her blogs on music, her EPK and more of her tunes. Meghan has a beautiful persona and voice that will most defiantly take down any negative feelings you are feeling alone in. “New Horizon” will definitely be a playlist hit, if you like folk music, or just good music in general this song is for your playlist and heart. Don’t miss out on more upcoming songs and appearances by Meghan Pulles!

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