Maya Salafia: “Everlasting”

By: Tiare Pito
July 10, 2022

Maya Salafia has just released her newest single, and we are obsessed! ‘Everlasting’ is an enchanting piece that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It is THE song to listen to when you are needing something simultaneously light hearted and moving.

Speaking of the reminiscing of a past love, ‘Everlasting’ conjures feelings of whimsical nostalgia. With the image of intense longing to capture the past and live it once again, one cannot help but be drawn in by the language used. Artfully illustrating scene after scene of romance, Salafia’s skill in not only musical composition and delivery, but also songwriting is on full display.

Delivered to us on smooth, heartfelt vocals, ‘Everlasting’ easily connects with listeners. Salafia sings with a sincerity and openness that is impossible to miss. Accompanied by a lilting guitar and instrumentals, all audio aspects blend seamlessly to create a very positive, personal listening experience.

Suffice to say, Maya Salafia has really impressed us with ‘Everlasting’. We cannot wait to see what will be next from this young artist!

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