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Max Styler ft. NEVVE: “Heroes”

By: Travis Ram
December 10, 2017

San Luis Obispo DJ, Max Styler has dropped a fun track that we cannot get out of our heads!

Between the playful beats and EDM singer NEVVE’s bouncy voice of good vibes, “Heroes” makes us want to go outside and be kids in the summer—playing jump rope or kickball with friends. The structure of the song is just as complex as your typical EDM song. However, there’s a twist on one essential component. The “drop” of the song isn’t a typical big bass-filled electronic drop, but a light, airy drop. This creates a dynamic, effective, and conducive energy to the song’s overall groove. We’re just waiting to see who picks this song up to be their next ad campaign!

Grab your copy of “Heroes” on iTunes today! For more information on Max check out his website at:

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