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Max Frost: “Back In The Summer”

By: Princess Carroll
March 23, 2020

Max Frost is back with another genre-bending track—and we’re here for it! Check it out below, Gas Maskers!

“Back In The Summer” is the newest single from the singer-songwriter. As a follow-up to Frost’s previous release “Perfect Man,” it has a more upbeat sound and highlights his rapping (and guitar) skills. But if you’re a fan of his soulful voice, don’t worry- his effortless sound can still be heard on this new release.

If you’re new to Max’s music, you may be more familiar with his previous hit “Good Morning”;” it was the theme song used in the PepsiCo commercial during the 2018 Oscars. He released his debut album Gold Rush later that year. While Max Frost doesn’t have upcoming performances, we hope to hear more singles and maybe a new album soon. In the meantime, check out the video for “Back In The Summer” below!

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