Matt Westerman: “Flower Dress”

By: Andrew Klasnic
December 07, 2017

Matt Westerman says what most guys won’t in his new melody. It’s a good thing he does! You’ll dig this one, Gas Maskers.

“Flower Dress” is a hit in the making for the ladies, and soon-to-be guilty pleasure for all the fellas out there. It has a nostalgic feeling that breathes young love. The steady guitar theme paired with Matt’s pleasant breathy sound makes this an easy listening tune for all ages. Matt Westerman encapsulates a refreshing James Blunt and Howie Day combination that is perfection. Not-to-mention, the inclusion of a violin brings an elegant element—rounding out the indie pop sound that is near and dear to our hearts. “Flower Dress” is an timeless tune. You’re killin’ it Matt!

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