Matt LeGrand: “Message in a Bottle”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
July 23, 2021

Matt LeGrand is sending a “message” with his latest track; that he’s one to watch on the pop music scene. 

His single “Message in a Bottle” has that infectious pop sound and hook that gets you bouncing and singing along before you know it.  It’s a great summer song.  It’s the type of song that you could expect to hear blasting out of a convertible on the way to the beach. 

With lines like, “Mourn the time we had that just disappeared” and “The morning will come again and I’ll see you old friend,” you get the feeling that this person really meant something to him. 

LeGrand didn’t just sing on the track, he also co-wrote it.  He told Vulcan that it’s about a guy who sees a girl and falls hard for her.  The music video depicts this sentiment as well.  It stars his cartoon alter ego, Mattieu, as he pines for a girl at the beach.  With pop star looks that will make young women swoon, you’d expect that in real life, it’s the other way around with fans falling for him.  “Message in a Bottle” is a track off of his self-titled album that was released last year.  You can check out the video for the single below:

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